About Us

About Us

At OHN we are dedicated to customer service excellence. While the Internet sometimes seems full of questionable business practices, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of truthful representation and industry leading customer support.

Every employee receives intensive training to ensure they're able to live up to our simple promise; "we promise to provide you with the most pleasant and thorough customer support you can find".

The money-making opportunities Online Hosting Network makes available to our customers are not based on fads or short-term trends. In fact, Amazon.com started the very first associate program back in 1996, and by the early 2000's, Amazon was reporting that their top associates were already earning as much as $50,000 a month! And now many other Internet giants have started associate programs of their own, making this the best time in the history of the Internet to make money with associate marketing! And since the results you get from any business are based on how you advertise and promote your business, adding the power of the Internet to reach millions and millions of people makes associate marketing a very smart choice for a home based business.

As an associate marketer, you'll use your website to sell the same products and services that are offered by the companies you choose. Then every time one of your visitors makes a purchase, you get paid. And you never have to worry about processing orders, shipping products or handling customer service, because all that is done for you - perfect for anyone that wants to run a low maintenance business right out of their own home.

Previously, associate marketing was only available to individuals and companies with the skills and knowledge to build their own website, qualify for an associate program, then build the links and add the tracking codes they required to receive commissions for their sales. And that's exactly why Online Hosting Network was formed. Our company takes care of all the technical work for you. And our online business system represents a top quality example of why this innovative company has made it possible for thousands of people to earn money as Internet associates. We let you choose from the best associate providers on the Internet and provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your online business.

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Our Guarantee

At Online Hosting Network, your complete satisfaction is our mission. Regardless of the reason you're looking for a home based business, we've developed a money making system that is certain to be the answer to your quest.

In fact, we're so confident in our system that we'll actually guarantee that you'll make money, and fast! Because all you have to do is advertise your business as much or as little as you want each month and we'll guarantee that you'll start making money in your first 90 days or less, or you can call our office after your 90th day and we'll refund your set-up fee - It's that simple!