Scandalous businesses attempt to scare and confuse Online Hosting Network customers!

Online Hosting Network™ is a legitimate, ethical company. But beware! You may find false negative reviews on sites created by shady competitors that are attempting to scare Online Hosting Network customers and direct them to the competitors inferior product offerings.

Online Hosting Network™ is under attack from unethical competitors.

When you performed your search for Online Hosting Network™, you may have noticed websites operated by fly-by-night copycats, or false negative reviews displayed with the search results for Online Hosting Network™. The fact is, every day hundreds of people may be searching the Internet looking for more information about Online Hosting Network™. Unethical advertisers know this, and will sometimes resort to creating alarming, negative posts in order to catch your interest and cause you to click through to their website.

Competitors use fake "scam-reviews" and other scare tactics to frighten our customers.

You may find negative reviews that appear to be from customers or former employees of the company they are attacking, but these are often "fake" posts written by the owner of the site trying to lure you into their website. Sometimes these crafty advertisers will pay a fee to the Search Engines to display their negative reviews when anyone performs a search for Online Hosting Network™. As unethical as this technique may be, it is unfortunately a common practice and not limited to Online Hosting Network™ searches. It actually occurs thousands of times every day all over the Internet when unsuspecting people search for popular, frequently searched companies.

Deceptive advertisers use fake OHN "scam-alerts" to try to steal your business.

How do these marketers benefit from this technique? Fake "scam-review" websites almost always have something that they want to sell you. These websites either link to competitive offers or to affiliates that will pay them every time someone clicks on their affiliate link. Others may try to get you to provide them with your email address to join their "newsletter" so that they can send you solicitations for other offers via email. They may even sell your information to list compilers! Still others are actually extortionists. They will slander a thriving business to damage their reputation then offer to take down their negative posts for a fee. Often these fake "review" sites are operated from offshore locations making it difficult to launch legal action against their slanderous, negative posts.

If you are reading this article, it is because you clicked onto one of our own official Online Hosting Network™, advertisements. However, unlike "copycat" or "false-reporting" ads, you'll also notice additional Online Hosting Network™ search results displayed on the same page. These are our official listings are not paid advertisements. They are search-results that are legitimately displayed by the search engine simply because you searched for Online Hosting Network™.

Unethical competitors attack the Online Hosting Network™ because of our success.

The point is that unethical advertisers are aware of the fact that Online Hosting Network™ is one of the most successful companies within our industry. It is also well known within the industry, that the Online Hosting Network™ program holds a high standard for a premium, quality, affordable work-at-home solution that anyone can do. Our home business system is the choice of tens of thousands of people all over the world who want to make money on the internet from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. We include toll-free access to a friendly customer support staff whose only job is to provide you FREE support to help you make the most of your online business.

The Online Hosting Network™ family is glad that you are aware of the benefits of working from home and that you are considering joining thousands of satisfied "real customers" of Online Hosting Network™. We encourage you to contact our dedicated Business Consultants who will answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Beware of dishonest advertisers and their false posts about Online Hosting Network™!

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